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This is a Comenius project with funds from the EU. This work constitutes the platform to exchange  knowledge, cultural values, and traditions between  participant countries: Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain and Turkey.

We rediscover the traditions of historic and vanishing crafts in our own regions as well as in the area of our partners. We have visited handcrafts' workshops to get to know the manufacturing of the handmade products, taken pictures and made films. Eventually, our goal was to create a virtual museum of old crafts. The aim of the project is to make young students participating understand how much they have in common with other nations and how they could transfer their knowledge and experience into a unique value- a virtual space- their common website. Our objective is to teach young generation to respect people's culture in the way to explore and understand real life and modern values. Popular culture is part of the national culture- knowing the handcrafts and learning them is the way to understand national identity, history, and the present but also to respect and comprehend other countries' values.

The website of the project
by the Polish team
The Spanish Meeting
April 2014

A Memory of our work

The live workshops
Albacete - Spain 


In this project Students and teachers have been doing research into the handicrafts that are disappearing in our regions. We have collected that research in two different ways: videos and live workshops. In the trailer above you can have a taste about how we did it.

"IES Alto de los Molinos" is a Bilingual Secondary School and we teach some subjects in English. We have a lot of extra activities integrated in our curricula in order to conect our studies to real life. In this presentation you can see some of them.


Vanishing Handicrafts

a contemporary tribute - Comenius Project

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